Design and technology is my lifelong passion, and interwoven design thinking turns out to be an innate state of myself.

Through any form, whether its pure user experience, product design, strategy, direction, processes, interface design, research or anything in between.

Simply. If there is something to design, I’ll be pretty into it.


In simple words, I can say that I design experiences. Leading multi-disciplinary teams by example, pushing the boundaries every day, never allowing for ‘good enough’, unless it makes commercial sense, pleasing clients and stakeholders with positive ROI numbers. Yet, users with great products.

I’m a seasoned creative from the realms of the digital industry. Bringing meaningful yet profitable product experience to my clients and their audiences.

My background was defined by technical education, but it didn’t stop me from exploring and extending the other half of my brain. In fact, information technology experience mixes perfectly with a creative and artistic side of my life allowing me to access broad toolset of skills. Skills which are essential in the production of user-oriented digital end products through agile and lean methodology. In particular passionate about Lean product development and UX lifecycle.


I’m proud to say that with a confidence I’ve been delivering for national and international brands, including a number of fortune 500. Exceeding expectations and bringing a meaningful experience.

It’s all achieved through a constant chase of staying ahead of the learning curve, leveraging everyone’s talents, passions and ambitions.

However, the process is equally important. Yet an understanding of the end-user is by far the key ingredient. Perhaps, that’s why I’ve been able to deliver successful products and services. Ingraining most appropriate methodology and methods like design thinking, UCD or design sprints.


I would say a challenger of the status quo in any shape or form, also recovering perfectionist. I am never settling, could say that innovation is my second nature.

As a profession, I have chosen a UX, product & business design, leading teams and production management. Designing digital experiences with passion since 1999.

Envato exclusive author since 2011 + featured on

2016 Drum Design awards nominee

Certified in User Experience Management

How this is being brought to life?

I have a toolbox full of surprises

As you would expect I’m wielding a variety of design, technical, organisational and managerial skills. I believe that any professional who wishes to produce or manage a successful digital project has to be equipped and experienced in many areas.

I’m very pragmatic in my work. Striving to lead by example, I have to understand the end-user and business objectives deeply. One of the best ways to deliver high quality.

That’s why I am so user research oriented. Utilising real data to take each and every design decision.

key areas of expertise and skills




Every project tells a story

I do cherish every piece of work I’m working on. However, that personal value transcends into the powerful end-user experience.


  • Project type: UX, UI, Consultancy, Prototype and testing
  • Responsibility: New UX for a new product, storytelling, acquisition journey design and testing.
  • Position: Lead UX Consultant
  • Owner/Client: Vodafone Limited (UK)
  • Team size: Large
  • Technology/Software: Sketch, InVision, Photoshop,

Key activities: Brainstorming, ideation, discovery, research and wireframing; competitive analysis; information architecture re-design; product positioning (PMF), journey mapping, user and usability testing; multi scrum team collaboration.


% increase in CVR

vodafone business - unlimited plansvodafone-unlimited-plans-for-business---soho

Vodafone Business Blog

  • Project type: Research, UX, UI, Consultancy, Ideation, 
  • Responsibility: Ideation and conceptualisation for a new Vodafone Business blog, including inbound & influencer marketing strategy consulting.
  • Typical title*: Lead UX Consultant
  • Owner: Vodafone Limited (UK)
  • Team size: Small
  • Technology/software: Sketch, InVision, Adobe XD, 

Key activities: Facilitation of brainstorming, ideation, discovery, research and stakeholder interviews, wireframing; competitive analysis; high-fidelity mockups, motion-design; influencer marketing strategy for SOHO and inbound marketing best practice; personalisation techniques.

build ship love it - digital builders - vodafone uk - brandingbuild ship love it - digital builders - vodafone uk - branding tshirtbuild ship love it - digital builders - vodafone uk - branding cap

Vodafone Digital Engineering Branding

  • Project type: Branding
  • Responsibility: Concept, ideation, design and production
  • Typical title*: Creative Director
  • Owner: Vodafone Limited (UK)
  • Team size: Small
  • Technology/software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Wacom Intuos Pro, InVision, InDesign

Key activities: Ideation, design and development, storytelling, high-fidelity concepts; production management and delivery.


  • Project type: UX, UI, Consultancy, Ideation
  • Responsibility: Ideation and conceptualisation for a new venture.
  • Position: Lead UX Consultant
  • Owner/Client: Vodafone Limited (UK)
  • Team size: Small
  • Technology/Software: Sketch, InVision, Photoshop, Illustrator, Wacom Intuos Pro,

Key activities: Facilitation of brainstorming, ideation, discovery, research and stakeholder interviews, wireframing; competitive analysis; high-fidelity mockups.

The easiest way to explain an idea for a product is to design one.

VF VR with blockchainVF VR with blockchain wires

Vodafone Enterprise

  • Project type: UX and UI re-design concept
  • Responsibility: New UX and complete front-end IU re-design, improved information architecture, vision
  • Typical title*: Senior UX/UI Designer
  • Owner: Vodafone Limited (UK)
  • Team size: 2
  • Technology/software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Wacom Bamboo Fun, inVision, Asana

Key activities: Planning, research and wireframing; current platform review; information architecture re-design; card sorting exercise; Photoshop mockups production; guerrilla testing with inVision;

I was given a challenging question, so I’ve answered in the best way possible. I’ve designed the answer.


  • Project type: e-Commerce development and service design
  • Responsibility: Acquisition, account management, client-facing negotiation, digital product delivery, choice of technology, UX, design thinking, UCD, 
  • Position: Lead UX Designer / Art Director
  • Owner/Client: ERPEGIE – Bartosz Wiezik
  • Team size: 5-7
  • Technology/Software: WordPress, Asana, UXPin, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Git, Bitbucket, Linux Servers, TeamViewer, Icecream SR, 

Key activities: User-centric design; product market fit exercise; scrum project management; contextual inquiry; personas development; end-user research and data analysis; internal and external journey mapping; brand positioning; differentiation strategy and implementation; pre-launch and post-launch marketing campaigns; quality assurance processes implementation (basics of ISO); blueprint development and visualisation; guerrilla and remote user testing; A/B testing; iterations; deployment; consulting; responsive web design;

guarantape--tapes-designed-to-be-trusted-coverguarantape - tapes designed to be trusted 3guarantape-by-rafaljankos_2


  • Project type: New product and brand development
  • Responsibility: Design thinking, user experience design, brand development, service design, project management,
  • Typical title*: Lead Designer
  • Owner: Presco UK Ltd
  • Team size: 6-7
  • Technology/Software: Asana, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Wacom Bamboo Fun, Canon 5Ds (Pro DSLR camera) +  Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM lens,

Key activities: Target audience research and data analysis; product market fit research and analysis; design thinking; brand positioning; design production process based upon scrum methodology (Agile); differentiation strategy and implementation; pre-launch and post-launch marketing campaigns; A/B testing; UX labs; lean approach to product development; digital and physical product delivery;

Staying ahead through new product development can be risky and expensive. Yet, a lean approach will reduce both. I’ve proved that with Guarantape which sales simply sky rocked from day one.

Branded products turnover incr. - 97%

97% Complete

New clients - 44%

44% Complete

“When you forget it’s just another project, and immerse yourself to truly understand your user needs and wants to deliver the ultimate.

It’s a piece of new history — a way of life.”

June 2017


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